Musical Juniors (4-6yrs)


A great first step onto the stage for any budding performer. Our Musical Juniors class is all about having fun whilst learning the basic skills in singing, dancing and acting. Each class begins with a basic vocal warm-up, full body warm-up, and some drama exercises. This is followed by a selection of musical games as a fun way to introduce our juniors to music theory. Students will learn a whole host of songs from all different genres and a collection of poems which will stimulate their imagination. In every class we re-cap on what we have learned so far during the term  and we introduce something new. Every student receives a CPA folder filled with songs, poems and scripts which they are encouraged to perform at home.

Stage School (Junior 6-12yrs & Senior 13yrs+)

CPA 2016/2017This 90-minute session focuses on the three main disciplines of performing arts; Singing, Drama & Dance. At present, Kilcock, Rathangan & Kildare have three different age groups, Junior Intermediate 1 (6-9yrs), Junior Intermediate 2 (10-12yrs) and Senior (13yrs+). Each group takes singing and drama with Katie and dance with Hannah or Kelly-Marie.

Sing: Each class begins with a vocal warm-up followed by some simple technical exercises to increase vocal strength and range. As we are always working towards our annual production, we get to work on one or more of our numbers. Intermediate 1 focuses on tuning and confidence to produce power and encourage expression. Intermediate 2 combines all of these elements along with basic group harmony and solo singing. No student is ever forced to sing alone, although it is encouraged in our ‘solo spot check’ part of class – a five minute exercise to give every student the chance to sing solo in a safe supportive environment.

Dance: Dance class will consist of many genres of dance from Hip Hop to Musical Theatre. A fusion of contemporary floor work and lyrical technique will be combined into class to gain fundamental training techniques. The classes will be high in energy to work on performance and stage presence through choreography. These dance classes are designed to help children become more creative and confident in the movement. They are to educate children about their muscle building in strength and flexibility, teach them musicality, and the discipline of dance. Dance class is a fun way to express individuality and exercise at the same time.

Act: Every acting class begins with a fun game to warm up the voice, break the ice and encourage creativity. We work on scenes from various musicals and plays in a number of different styles. We end each acting session with some improv, a fun, energetic and creative activity which allows our students to step out of their comfort zone and try something new every time. The aim of our acting class is to build confidence and spark imagination through role play, movement, improv and theatre games.

All students in Stage School work towards an end of year production in May/June.

Guitar (7yrs+, all levels)

Guitar SilhouetteLearn to play guitar from the get-go. Our guitar classes cover the basics for beginners; anatomy of guitar, tuning, reading guitar tab, chord boxes and standard music notation. We work on melodies & songs primarily, with a focus on performance of pieces and students developing their own style. Music used ranges from golden oldies to current pop songs.

For more advanced players we offer the opportunity to develop your playing and knowledge of the guitar and guitar theory. We also offer guitar exams through the Registry of Guitar Tutors and London College of Music (RGT@LCM). Please get in touch for more info on exams.

Classes available in group & solo form, for acoustic guitar, classical guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar and ukulele.